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Thank You for the Rainbow

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This is not my first time doing something bizarre. He leaded me, and I just follow.

An old man passed away in an old folks’ home. He has been there for 2 years. He was brought by one of his fellows to Panti Jompo, because he has no one to taking care of him in his age of 70 years old.

Was it true? Nope!

He was a preacher from Advent church before he changed to Gereja Bethel Indonesia. He has 2 wifes. His first wifes died, and he re married to a Moslem. He has 4 children, with the second wife.

I met his forth son, and he was the one who was telling me the old man stories. So humiliated when we heard how difficult a life of a priest actually was, by listening from those who has different religion from us.

His mother took all the children away, and left his father. Back to her religion and never want to see him again.

I know Pdt. Stevanus at Panti Jompo Budi Asih 3. We come there once in a month. Conducting a small sermon, and give our ears to listen to their whines, complains, their demands, their hopes, etc.

Pak Stevanus was really a good man, He was very happy when some one asked him to read Bible, though his voice so weak and read in slow reading intonation, but he was active.

We arranged all kind of things that was needed in requiem ceremony and in memorial service. We did all the best as we can do. God have prepared everything.

No words could I use in expressing what had happening that Monday afternoon. I try to write here a simple sentence that I hope can describe something.

God, I know that the funeral has no flowers, but You are so awesome by gave us your beautiful rainbow in the sky.


Lord, when I have a hammer like YOU, every problem becomes a nail. =)