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Sexual Sin (Part 1)

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What is sexual sin?

I like to define that sexual sin is a form of phsysical or emotional sexual activities outside the good plan of God for sex itself


Allow me to express my idea to describe about sexual sin


1. Matt 5:28Looks at a woman with a lust in his eye....is a sexual sin. What does it really mean?

  • Sexual sin is not only about sexual intercourse outside marriage. There are phsysical act that closely connected with lust such as kissing lips,petting,touching vital areas,oral sex, masturbation and it kinds. In other words, you can't do those things without dirty thoughts in your mind, right?


  • Sexual sin is also about all physical or emotional actions that could direct us into lust and finally into deeper sexual activities. We may not do the activities that I mention above, but i wanna as this question: How many girls or boy that you having sex with, in your imagination? It is also a sin before The Lord. Usually this kind of imagination come come to our mind because we have inputed those dirty thoughts through what we see. This is where Christian should be careful and always test their motives behind their interaction with the opposite sex.

 2. Proverbs 5:19May u always be captivated by her love

I wanna address this message especially for girls. Women have the power to captivate a man. But God's will for a woman is to captivate one man only. Women must keep their beauty until the Lord give them a husband. Sexual sin is also about those people who makes their attractive appearence to draw other's attention, or to making benefit from others,or to satisfy their desire, or even to make other people having lust.


To be continued...

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Dear Brother Thony, greetings... it seem your blog is a very very interesting topic, there's 432 times people who visit it. BUT none of them, gave their comment. i guest, it because you use uncommon languange. someone maybe can help translate this topic please... Jesus Freaks, "Live X4J, die as a martyr"

Jesus Freaks,

"Live X4J, Die As A Martyr"