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order of creation and the genesis 1: 1-18 : /

1) Creating spiritual space for spiritual beings such as angels and possibly created the physical heavens(Eze. 28:13, Neh 9:6)

2) Creating angels and heavenly beings (Eze. 28:15, Neh. 9:6)

3) Created the earth and the physical heavens (if not already created in no1 before earth) - Job 38:4-7 -maybe created living being like dinosaurs(Isa. 45:18) -no night for earth and dark for universe(like in Rev. 22:5)

4) The fall of the angels, become Satan(Eze. 28:11-18, Isa. 14:12-14)

5) God's anger and seals up the star and makes earth become without form and void(Job 9:5-7, Gen1:2)

6) first day in gen 1: -Open the seals upon the stars(gen1:3) -Arrange the distance of stars of the solar system, so that there are dark and light to the earth(Gen. 1:4)

7) second day: -making the atmosphere (gen 1:6-8)

8) third day: - the waters gathered together into one place as seas, and the dry land appear -this mean earth already exist before third day (there is water already). -God made earth will bring forth vegetation, plants, trees .

9) the fourth day This not created sun and moon but setting the solar system, the setting of the sun and moon for the existence of life that will be created later, to divide the day from the night, let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years And let them be for lights to rule over the day and over the night.

10)From first day to fourth day : most are MADE (h6213:asah) not Created ( h1254:Bara)?