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Your Christmas wish?

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My friend asked me where I am going to in the Christmas Eve. Church is the easy answer. He does not stop his question there only, with your family, relative or friend he continued. With friends. (Start from 2004, I never past my Christmas Eve with family any more, might be I should change a little bit).I ask him the same question he asked me. He just answers the same as I answer him. Kind a boring conversations we have. But after a while, he torn me with his story ending with a question what is your Christmas wish?Ups…, I wish…. I wish orphanage wishes be come true.

Granted! 23-12-2006

Dear God, thank you for your amazing qualities.

An orphan asked me to forgive him.

Your wishes accomplished.


I had have forgive you dear,

No need to asking me to forgive you over and over again.

I heard, i did, and i said

"Your wishes accomplished"


Lord, when I have a hammer like YOU, every problem becomes a nail. =)