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Within Your Reach

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Based on the sermon by Ps. Jose Carol As Christians, we are used to the term “promises of God”. We believe in it, pray about it, and even wait for it. We all got very excited when we’re first told about God’s great promises. We’re eager to wait. But then…the waiting gets tiring…and that’s when we begin to question Him… If you haven’t got God’s promises in your life today, consider this: You might have not done your part! Do you know that God doesn’t put His promises right into your hands? He puts it within your reach instead. He puts it at a point where you can reach it. The key word here is reach. Our part here is to stretch our hands and reach the promises of God. “I’ve read hundreds of stories about successful people who have extraordinary achievements from all over the world, and yet, I find two common characteristics that they all posses: courage and persistency”, said Pastor Jose.  1.     Courage is not the absence of fear. It is a confidence that is followed by action. 2.     Our confidence should be based upon an accurate calculation and estimation. Don’t just have a “blind” confidence, you will end up ruining your own life. Estimate the cost possibilities and consequences. After that, calculate the cost of the decision you’re about to take! Luke 14:28-29For who of you desiring to build a tower does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has the things to finish; that having laid a foundation, and not having strength to finish, all those seeing begin to mock him” (LITV). 3.  Use your mind, heart, and wise counsels of those who love you. Using mind means estimating and calculating based on the facts. You have to be realistic in making decisions. But, you also have to use your heart, because that is where God’s intervention takes part. Don’t forget to ask the advice from your parents, leaders, friends, and even pastors.  When it comes to following our hearts, we tend to say “It doesn’t feel right. Maybe I shouldn’t take that much of risks.” Be careful! You might get it all mixed up the wrong way. Know the difference between comfort and peace, because not all the decisions you make in life will be comfortable, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not the right thing to do. Take risks. II Kings 7 tells us the story about the lepers who risk their life and step out of their comfort zone. “Why should we sit here until we die?” said them in verse 3 (LITV). In spite of all the doubts and fears that might’ve been filling their hearts, they stepped out and let God intervened. Your actions are keys to success and the fulfillment of God’s promises in your life. Psalms 37:23“The steps of a good man are established from Jehovah; and He will delight in his way.” (LITV) If you take steps, He will delight in your way. If you just sit around, nothing can happen. Persistency is not the same as consistency. Consistency talks about direction (what do you want?), whereas persistency talks about power.  The story about a woman and a judge in Luke 18 teaches us of how persistency, aimed at the right direction, will always have its rewards. Don’t get tired to get back and try again, and again, and again. Therefore, brothers and sisters, let us all be courageous enough to step out of our comfort zones, and stretch our hands to reach the promises of God persistently. Let us use our mind, heart, and wise counsels, and let God to intervene in every decision you make. 

Be blessed!


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