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Shalom, selamat pagi saudaraku. Hari minggu kemarin saya mengirim sebuah artikel kepada beberapa kenalan melalui email. Lalu malamnya saya menerima sebuah tanggapan yang cukup menarik dari salah satu kenalan bernama Volodymyr. Pada intinya ia menyatakan bahwa kisah tentang Kristus memiliki kemiripan dengan mitos tentang Krishna.(1)(2) 
Memang analogi tersebut cukup menarik, namun saya menjawab bahwa ada beberapa perbedaan penting, di antaranya:
a. Ayah dan ibu Krishna tidak diketahui, sementara Yesus memiliki ayah dan ibu yaitu Yusuf dan Maria.
b. Silsilah Krishna tidak diketahui, sementara Yesus adalah keturunan Daud. Lihat silsilah dalam Matius 1.
c. Krishna menolong pandawa dalam perang, sementara Yesus sangat cinta damai.
d. Krishna tidak mati dalam penderitaan, sementara Yesus mati disalibkan untuk menyelamatkan umat manusia dari kematian kekal. 
e. Untuk menyimpulkan: Krishna hanyalah mitos, sementara Yesus adalah manusia sejati dengan silsilah dan sejarah yang jelas. Yesus memberikan nyawa-Nya bagi penebusan dosa umat manusia. (3)(4)(5)

Untuk jelasnya, komunikasi email kami bisa diikuti di bawah ini. Kiranya artikel ini menolong kita untuk lebih memahami pribadi Yesus.

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(2) is Jesus similar to Krishna? Url: http://informationaboutgod.com/docs/Jesus/Is_Jesus_Similar_to_Krishna.pdf
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Email 1:

Hello, Victor. 

You penetrate yourself in so deep details that people who do not aware of these subtle details cannot rather follow each detail but only can feel an integral perception. I think that old Jewish people who wrote their Tora borrowed many religious ideas and concepts from other folks, in particular Slavs who were that time  the most developed (because the Vedic culture started from pre-Slavic culture). 

Bulgarian historian Svetlozar Popov and Ukrainian historian Yuri Shilov in 2010 published materials in which they compare old stories about Slavic gods Kresnyk, Krusna, then Krishna and Christ with myths about ancient Savior Koleda (Koleda was known since around 5000 years ago). The comparison was conducted for 14 signs. Jesus Christ corresponds to Koleda on 87% (10 signs coincide in activity of Koleda and Christ (5 signs in activity of old Krusna and Krishna and younger Christ). We know also Zarathustra, Mithra, Buddha, Dionis (Greek god) - they are very similar to Christ as well. 

1. Svetlozar Popov, "Bulgarian Koleda in Veda of Slovena" (2010), in Bulgarian.
2. Yuri Shilov, "Aratta by Veda of Slovena and signs of the Trypillia culture, and other scientific sources" (2010), in Ukrainian 

I read some books on Vedic culture and they also talk about cosmology (e.g. see in my web page   http://inerton.wikidot.com/vedic-physics); there is also a very ancient book "Starry Book of Koleda" - but where is the manuscript? Nobody knows; 3-4 years ago at one special presentation here in Kyiv the lecturers told that they have this book. But they do not wish to share its knowledge (and I do not know where they told the truth)...

Summarizing, I can say that for me it is very difficult to follow your text because the details mentioned above are immediately come to my minds and the mind wishes to consider  all these views together, not only one road that you investigate. 

Friendly yours, 

Email 2:

Dear Volodymyr

Thank you for your comments.

In this paper i discuss a comparison between cosmology models derived from Christology and Trinitarian approaches. Although it is interesting to ask about similar myths in Other ancient religions, i do not discuss comparative religions study.
But let me comment on similarity between Christ and Khrisna. I was attracted on this similarity since 25 years ago, but only now i realized their differences:

a. Krishna's father and mother were not known, while Jesus has Joseph and Maria as his father and mother.

b. Krishna's genealogy is not known, while Jesus was clearly from Davidic genealogy.

c. Krishna help pandawa into war, while Jesus was very peaceful.

d. Krishna did not die in suffering, while Jesus died in the cross to save humanity from eternal death.

e. to summarize: Krishna is a myth, while Jesus Christ is a real human with clear genealogy and history.

So if you want to put your belief to the myths, you can go to other legend stories.

But if you want to meet the real savior who has died to save all humanity including you and me, he is Jesus Christ.

I hope this may help you. May God help you to understand.


Dari seorang hamba Yesus Kristus (Lih. Lukas 17:10)

"we were born of the Light"

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