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Talking about poverty, I remember when I was 5 years old and saw my father’s pioneering ministries as pastor. Actually, he had a job as a civil servant at the office of “Dinas Pendapatan Daerah” before decided to be a pastor and study theology. When he started his pastoral ministries, he start it with 5 persons in a little house within retarded area. For almost 20 years we lived in sufficient. To support our family needs, besides pastoring, my father have to be a driver for the public transport. We have clove plantation but its not helpfull enough.
            I do remember, when I want something to buy such as toy car (Tamiya) at the price of Rp. 15.000 on that day, I have to wait for around 3 month to got it. And after I got it, the other kids if my age doesn’t play it anymore couse its out of date (they played another NEW toy). Well, as a little kid, that’s all I describe about poverty.
            My father, and also my mother still loyal and faithful serving The Lord till this day. We have + 300 persons in our church right now (this July 30, 2008 will be our 23rd Anniversary). And we also have our Pastor house, 3 evangelizm post, 2 kindergarten, 1 playgroup, and another personal house. I’ve learned that, when we keep loyal to God, He shows us the unexpected things that we never imagined before. When we put our mind to God, He will give us a peace of mind. When we give our struggle to God, He will cast away it. Tears and Tough Time Teach Trust To Thee (7T).
          The most important thing that I’ve learned is “RICH PERSON IS THE ONE WHO HAVE A LITTLE BIT DESIRE”. This philoshophy teach me that we all can be rich when we don’t have to many desire to achieve. It doesn’t means that we are not allowed to have dreams, but it means, everything that we can achieve in this life, its all just because of God’s providance and grace. And we don’t have something to be proud of. God’s purpose in every one of us should be the most primary focus in our life.
            The conclusions are, poverty or prosperity/rich was depend on how we seeing the world, how your world view about life effect you, and how big you put your life unto God’s hand. Put God’s in the first place and the others will follow.
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Blessed u and your family.

This is my welcome comment for you


Lord, when I have a hammer like YOU, every problem becomes a nail. =)

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Mas Kasih Terjemahannya Donk :)

Mas Kasih Terjemahannya Donk :) biar enak bacanya hhehe

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@Jimmy: Abundant

dear Jimmy...

I agree with you, and in my opinion:

Rich is when we were "re-Born"


GOD want us to have Abundant life...

Genesis 1:28

so... how is it...?

is it to LOVE Jesus...?

is it to GIVE to the Lord...?



giVe tHank’s wiTh gReaTfull heArt