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Kematian Yesus

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He comes to accomplish the prophecy

Sometime, we ought to answer a dull question even though he who receives the answer of its question refuses to accept our answer.
Our answer seems to be wrong for him, and that he might remark us as a stupid one.
He will not believes our answer is correct, and refuse to believe what Christianity is

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Kematian Yesus (Menggenapi FT Yeh 36:22-23)

Yesus mati untuk memuliakan nama-Nya (Yohanes 12:28)

12:28  Bapa, muliakanlah nama-Mu!" Maka terdengarlah suara dari sorga: "Aku telah memuliakan-Nya, dan Aku akan memuliakan-Nya lagi!" 

Siapakah nama Bapa? (Yoh 17:11-12)